Meals On Wheels Overview

Overview of Meals on Wheels Options

Hot Meals

Are you finding it hard to cook well-balanced meals every day and your family is not available to help? Or have you just been discharged from hospital and need a little help at home? We can provide affordable, nutritious and tasty meal options!

Choose Meals on Wheels! Daily visits from Meals on Wheels volunteers provide peace of mind and support to clients and their loved ones. Meals on Wheels are more than just a meal – it’s a friendly face and also a check on your well-being!

  • Cost: Each meal costs $7.50 which includes soup, an entrée (meat, two vegetables and a starch (e.g. potatoes, rice, etc.), a dessert, bun and/or crackers. Your local office can talk to you about payment methods.
  • Delivery: Hot meals are delivered between 11:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. There is no charge for delivery.
  • Cancellation: If you have to cancel your meal, please call the office two business days before a delivery. A charge may apply for meals not cancelled (emergencies excluded). If you will not be home and would still like your meal delivered, please call your local office to make arrangements.
  • Weather: Our volunteer drivers try their best to deliver your meal, but in order to ensure that our volunteers are safe, during inclement weather your meal may be cancelled. You will be notified by phone if this happens.
  • Special diets: We can accommodate some specialized medical diets like diabetic, lactose-free, minced or pureed.
  • How to order: Please call your local office to order hot Meals on Wheels.

Frozen Meals

Are you in need of meals, but would like them available when it is convenient for you? The Meals on Wheels service provides delivery of affordable, nutritious and tasty frozen meals. This service, which is an alternative or enhancement to our hot Meals on Wheels, features a variety of high-quality nutritionally balanced, oven / microwaveable entrees, soups, and desserts.

  • Cost: Frozen meals are $39 for a package of five entrees and five soups and/or desserts; or 7 entrees (no soup or dessert).  Additional sides are $2.00 each. Your local office can talk to you about payment methods.
  • Delivery:  Delivery to your home can be arranged at no charge at a pre-arranged time through our volunteer service, or you or a family member can pick up the frozen meals at your local office. There is no charge for delivery.
  • Special Diets: Menu selections are suitable for regular, salt-free, low-fat and diabetic diets.
  • How to order: Meals can be directly ordered online, if you are a registered client of CCD, or you can call your local office to order meals.

For family members and loved ones, we have certificates for Meals on Wheels that make great gifts!  Contact your local office for more information. If you would like to become a Meals on Wheels volunteer, please visit our Volunteer page.