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Volunteer Stories and Testimonials

Transportation Volunteer/Friendly Visitor: Robert Crone

Robert Crone has been an active volunteer with Community Care Durham since 1997. An active volunteer all of his life, Robert liked the fact that he could volunteer in a position where he could help people and share his talents with others in his community.

Robert began by visiting people in need of a friendly visitor in their homes; playing his ukulele, singing, and reading stories. “I enjoy doing things for someone else. My father taught me that caring for others in our community is important. I wake up every day planning to make a difference.”

Robert also helps out as a Transportation Volunteer, driving clients to important medical appointments. He believes it is not just a drive but also a time to connect with people personally, learn about each other and to share experiences.  “It’s nice to take stories to people and give them a smile. The good feelings I give them, all come back to me”.

If you would like to volunteer and make a difference, complete our volunteer form or contact your local Community Care Durham office.

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Sandra Will - Uxbridge volunteer for 34 years

Sandra Will wears many different hats as a volunteer for Community Care Durham and is always there to lend a hand wherever she can. It all began 34 years ago when Sandra responded to an ad in the local paper. She first helped in the office, answering phones.  Besides volunteering in the office, Sandra was really involved in assisting with the COPE Mental Health Program. She provided support for twenty years.  She had many one to one COPE client matches over the years. 

Sandra is certainly a very active volunteer.  She does local Transportation drives on a weekly basis. For the past twenty years, Sandra has driven a client to work every Monday morning.  At one point, she used to take clients for medical appointments in Toronto.  Sandra also cooks for the Luncheon Out program.  Twenty-five years ago, she helped in establishing this monthly social get-together for clients as a means to get her mother out and about.  Sandra’s mother lived alone and needed more social interaction. The Luncheon Out program was the perfect solution. For a number of years, she has been the Tag Days Coordinator.  She also spent a lot of her time as a member on the Uxbridge LAC (Local Advisory Committee).  What really sparks her interest is fundraising and she is always available to help out in the many facets of organizing a fundraiser.   

As a long standing volunteer, Sandra feels that those who volunteer for Community Care Durham get a real sense of helping people in the community. “I’ve met a lot of interesting people and learned so many things.  I took to it (volunteering) like a duck to water”.  Volunteering is very important to Sandra.  She has always instilled in her children, and now her grandchildren, how essential volunteering is and something we all should do.