Help Getting Home From Hospital (HAL)

The Home At Last service is ongoing during COVID-19.

Home At Last (HAL) is a service that provides support if you are aging or have special needs and would benefit from assistance in getting settled at home safely and comfortably after a stay in hospital. If you are coming home from hospital, this service is provided at no cost by Personal Support Workers (PSWs) who drive you home from hospital. In some situations, you may be able to get home on your own, but the HAL settlement service can meet you there to provide the supports necessary to ensure your care and safety.

This service from hospital to home may include:

• Driving you home
• Picking up medications and/or groceries for you
• Preparing a small meal for you
• Providing personal care and/or homemaking services
• Following up with telephone support and/or a visit to check on your well-being
• Referrals to other community support services

Follow-up is an important component of the HAL service. You will receive a follow-up call once you have settled in at home, and visits are arranged to check on your well-being if needed. The HAL service will also make referrals to other beneficial community support services. This hospital discharge and follow-up service is offered to Durham Region residents. You can be brought home from hospitals within or outside Durham Region.

This service is available to you if you are:
• Aging, frail or have special needs
• Require additional settlement support after discharge from hospital

There is no fee for this service.

For More Information: 1-888-255-6680 or