Assisted Living/Supportive Housing

Assited Living & Supportive Housing Services are ongoing during COVID-19.

Assisted Living Services (ALS) & Supportive Housing address your needs if you are a high-risk senior, residing at home, and you require the availability of personal support, homemaking, security checks and reassurance services on a scheduled and unscheduled 24/7 basis.

• Improve overall health through coordinated seamless care services at home for high-risk seniors who live within identified areas.
• Reduce social isolation and depression by providing opportunities for regular social interaction.
• Reduce unnecessary and/or avoidable Long Term Care admissions and Emergency visits.
• Enable local communities to address more fully the needs of high-risk seniors, so that they are able to remain safely at home.

ALS is comprised of the following services:

  • Personal Support Services: Includes dressing, personal hygiene, assisting with mobility, monitoring medications, and other routine activities of daily living.
  • Homemaking Services: Includes shopping, light meal preparation and light, client-centered housecleaning services that are necessary for you to maintain personal independence safely at home, but you are unable to perform safely for yourself.
  • Security Checks: Security visits or reassurance calls to assure health and safety on a scheduled and unscheduled 24/7 basis.
  • Care Coordination: Includes coordinating all elements of client care.

Eligibility and Assessment:
The Central East LHIN Home and Community Care determines eligibility for Assisted Living Services, and makes referrals to Community Care Durham (CCD). Referrals may come from any source for seniors living within the identified Supportive Living buildings. When you are accepted for service, CCD will complete an assessment of care needs and develops an individualized client care plan for services delivery.

There is no fee for Assisted Living or Supportive Housing services.

For more information, please call:
• Ajax Assisted Living Services: 1-888-255-6680
• Clarington Assisted Living Services (Wilmot Creek): 1-888-255-6680
• Oshawa Assisted Living Services: 1-888-255-6680
• Whitby Assisted Living Services: 1-888-255-6680
• Sunrise Seniors Place: (905) 432-3547
• Faith Place: (905) 576-8619