Frozen Meals on Wheels

CCD is delaying the increase in price of all meals indefinitely during the COVID-19 pandemic. We will notify clients when the price increase will take effect.

Are you in need of meals, but would like them available when it is convenient for you? The Meals on Wheels service provides delivery of affordable, nutritious and tasty frozen meals. This service, which is an alternative or enhancement to our hot Meals on Wheels, features a variety of high-quality nutritionally balanced, oven / microwaveable entrees, soups, and desserts.

Cost: Frozen meals are $39 for a package of five entrees and five soups and/or desserts (any combination of soups and desserts totaling 5); or 7 entrees (no soup or dessert). More than one package can be ordered at a time. Additional sides are $2.00 each. Your local office can talk to you about payment methods.

Delivery: Delivery to your home can be arranged at no charge at a pre-arranged time through our volunteer service, or you or a family member can pick up the frozen meals at your local office. There is no charge for delivery.

Special Diets: Menu selections vary and may be suitable for regular, salt-free, low-fat and diabetic diets. They will also vary by provider.

How to order: Please note, you must be a registered client of CCD to order frozen Meals On Wheels. CLICK HERE  to order your frozen meals directly online.  If you would prefer, you can call your local office to order frozen Meals on Wheels.