“Community to Table” Food Box

In response to the public health crisis, the Community Food Boxes have been developed to support vulnerable members of our community that are unable to safely acquire the essentials needed during this unprecedented time. With the support of local businesses and farms, the food boxes contain the essentials for healthy eating, much of which are locally made or grown. The boxes help to relieve the pressure from immediate family members that are unable to provide the necessary care to their vulnerable loved ones. We will continue to partner with local business to bring you a truly “community” experience.

The Community Food Box is $30 and may contain the following:

• Eggs & Dairy
• Breads & Baked Goods
• Pasta & Soups
• Beverages
• Paper Products
• Fruits & Vegetables

People can purchase these boxes directly from Community Care Durham. If you wish to purchase a box for a specific person, please call us at 1-888-255-6680.

Are you interested in volunteering to deliver the Community Food Box or other services? Please call 1-888-255-6680.